What is Easy-Crypt ?

Easy-Crypt is a powerful Encryption/Decryption tool developed for use within UBot Studio, this incredibly simple and easy to use software can encrypt small or large amounts of code in an instant not only giving you the option of even more security if used along side Meter's UbotLocker but also by using external encrypted files dramatically reducing your bots/project size which will directly affect your UBot development environment especially if your project size becomes large and UBot unresponsive.

Not only does Easy-Crypt Encrypt and Decrypt your files/code but also has a very useful Code Generation feature which now includes an advanced setup wizard that when used will prompt the user for necessary details and outputs working UBot code ready for you to paste right into your project.

Although Easy-Crypt was developed to work directly with UBot it is worth noting that Easy-Crypt can be used to Encrypt/Decrypt most types of text and other files, perhaps you want to send an encrypted message to a colleague, .. providing the recipient also has Easy-Crypt they can successfully Decrypt and read your message.

How can I use Easy-Crypt ?

Here are some ways that Easy-Crypt can be used to give you an idea.

Decrypt to a Variable

Decrypt your code/script when you need it and clear the variable when finished reducing resuorces

Bundle with bot

If releasing your bot to the public place encrypted files in a fancy Config folder and include with your bot

Call from Web

Place your encrypted files on a web server and call from your bot, update your bot "silently" if updating excessively


Decrypt from Location

Read your external encrypted file from its location removing the need to use a variable

Hide in Custom Location

Have your external files placed in a hidden location from prying eyes, very useful if using an installer

Utilize FTP

Even more secure, place your encrypted files out of public reach completely, can also be used to update silently

What Easy-Crypt Does Best . . .


Check out the different ways you can use Easy-Crypt to quickly encrypt your code



Just as quick your files/code are decrypted in seconds ready to be read or edited


What ELSE can Easy-Crypt Do ?

Other than the obvious Super Fast Encryption and Decryption ...
Check out some of the awesome features and functions available in Easy-Crypt.


"KEY" features

Separate Encryption and Decryption Keys with ability to Lock to keep if cleared/reset to continue workflow.


Multi add

Select single or multiple files to be processed at once even 100's of files are processed in seconds.


Type or Paste

New in V2 the ability to write on the fly or copy code from your project straight into Easy-Crypt for processing.


Code "Gen"eration

Select the file you want code to be generated for and select your options for ready to paste code.



New in V2 we developed Easy-Crypt Command Line (ECCL), process file/s super quick.


Functional display

Active UI elements show current settings and allow quick access to currently set locations.


Quick add

"Quick Add" option for you to add files to generate code for quickly without needing to process them first.


Local and Remote

Code Gen setup has options for local and remote locations to store your encrypted files with options for Web and FTP.

ECCL - [Command Line API]

Now included with Easy-Crypt, ECCL (Easy-Crypt Command Line), no need to load the main UI interface ... Just enter 1 line into your CMD Prompt !

Encrypt/Decrypt single files

Great if you need to process a file quickly to edit and update.

1 line with parameters.

1 line containing your data parameters and the process is complete in a few seconds.

Encrypt/Decrypt folder contents

You dont need to process each file 1 by 1 .. just alter your parameters and process an entire folders content, quick and easy with alerts if a file already exists.


ECCL will let you know what is happening with simple notifications when your requested task is done.

A Quick Overview ECCL

See how quick and easy it is to process single or multiple files in seconds.

New Functional GUI

Not just there to look pretty, Easy-Crypt has been redesigned and stacked with displays, alerts and a brand new Code Generation setup wizard.

Multiple entry options

Add files by selection, paste file locations, you can even type or paste to encrypt on the fly.

Useful displays

Current Keys and Locations are displayed so you know your current settings at all times.

New Code Gen

Complete setup wizard allows you to just copy and paste the code generated straight into your project.

Remote Options

Store encrypted files/code/etc in remote locations to be processed as and when needed, Web and FTP options in Code Gen setup.

NEW Code Gen

Easy-Crypt has been updated with a brand new Code Generation wizard walking you every step of the way and produces code for you to paste straight into your project.

File selection

Select a recently processed file or select a new file, V2 is updated for ease of use and quick process in mind.

Copy and Paste

Generic template is replaced, now user input manipulates the Code Gen output ready for copy and paste.

Local and Remote

Code Gen setup wizard includes options for Web and FTP locations allowing you to store in locations accessible only to you.

Extra location options

All locations within "Special Folder" are covered and a few extras added for total control or your generated code.

Take Quick Look at the Code Gen

Showing some of the processes available when generating code to place in your project/bot.

Now Includes ECCL
[Command Line API]

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